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Little Miss Creative started in February 2013,  we aim to empower young women, helping to create the next generation of female leaders that will inform and shape the future. We have a long track record of success working with young women in the UK, America, Jamaica, Kenya and Gambia.

Our focus is encouraging young women to focus academically and develop themselves on holistic level, bringing about positive and permanent shifts in the young women’s’ lives. We’ve worked with young women from various backgrounds, including girls that have experienced gang culture, exploitation, abuse/ trauma or lack self esteem. We have a track record of being able to relate to and transform even the most hard to reach young women.

Our creative and user led workshops are a guided dialogue between the instructor and participants. Our method of teaching stems from the theory of transformation learning, which has 3 core areas:
Psychological (changes in understanding of the self) , Convectional (revision of belief systems)  and Behavioral (changes in lifestyle).

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