Meet Taffy our new Marketing & Admin Assistant…

How do you feel today?
Today I am feeling content and productive inside and outside of work.

Have you got any other hidden talents?
I can do the crab. Ha!

What is your favourite TV programme – your guilty pleasure…?
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. I love watching ‘trash TV’ it gives a chance to unwind and legally spy on other people’s lives.

What is your first memory?
Sitting in my front yard with my Grandmother and watching the world go by. That is the best memory I have of her, she’s still alive and I love her calm spirit.

What is the nicest place you’ve ever visited?
A place called Lloret De Mar in Catalonia Spain. I remember taking a walk into some mountains with cousin and seeing beautiful views of the sea. One day I would like to go back there.

What’s your favourite social network?
Urm, Twitter. I tend to think social media is similar in any ways but I like the personal and business interaction of Twitter.

What do you love about LMC?
Learning. Learning. Learning. I am constantly learning new things about myself personally as well as professionally.


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