I learnt that I shouldn’t give up because I have the power to do anything, it’s only if you put all your hard work and effort into your dream you can become successful.

Fahima, 14 Saltley School

We work in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities–running workshops for young women as young as 3 years old. We believe transformational learning rather that informational learning. All participants will develop their skills through activities and discussions which push them beyond their comfort zone, but within a safe and supportive environment. Participants will be encouraged to mix and communicate with their peer whilst expressing opinions and challenge themselves.

Schools take part because it:
– Provides an innovative approach to delivering the citizenship curriculum.
– Delivers passionate, knowledgeable and inspired teams of young people in the school willing to hand on their knowledge.
– Develops young people with an enhanced capacity to lead in the school.
– Allows young people to develop – in a safe and exciting environment – the key skills they will need to become change makers.

The benefits to young people:
– Develop more confidence initiating action and taking the lead.
– Find their voice on amongst their peers
– Develop clear goals to bring about positive change in their lives and local communites

Included in our course portfolio:
I AM POWER: Creative explorations into wellbeing, self-image, self-harm and safe lifestyles. Participants will go through stages of deep personal self evaluation which develop and ignite self-confidence, self – esteem and self-awareness. For ages 11+ TAKE THE LEAD: It is a unique, challenging course that examines every aspect of leadership, from leadership styles, influence and the research into female leaders. The participants will learn every skill required to be a leader from public speaking, decision making, creating social impact and adapting their messages to a changing environment. For ages 13+ Step Ahead: A goal setting and achievement course that equips young people with skills and motivation to get ahead in life.

Educatuional institutions we have worked in:
Edgbaston Park Nursery, Edgbaston
Hillcrest Girls School, Bartley Green
Saltley School, Saltley
Four Dwellings, Quinton
South and City College, Digbeth
Sutton Coldfield College
Birmingham City University
The University Of Birmingham

Since launching last year Little Miss Creative have positively impacted the lives of many young women across Birmingham giving them a sense of meaning, identity and purpose. They continue to be committed to raising aspirations in young girls in schools and nurseries across the city and have proven to be a needed resource that adds significant value.

Mashkura Begum, Executive Director Birmingham Leadership Foundation.

Email:education@wearelmc.com to find out how to book for free introductory school session

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